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About Us; Our Vision

The partners of Ecclestone, Hamer, Poisson, Neuwald & Freeman have well over a century of experience between them. We practice in a collegial professional atmosphere and regularly consult with one another regarding our files and clients. When you consult with one of our partners you can be assured you are able to draw on the knowledge and experience of the entire firm.

We engage in a diverse range of approaches to solve our clients’ legal issues. We listen to our clients. We negotiate. We may mediate. We will use alternative dispute resolution techniques. We litigate when necessary. We avail ourselves of expert opinion when called for. We’ll apply the specialized approach that best suits our client and his or her issues and which most efficiently reaches our clients’ goals. Throughout, we will tirelessly advocate for our clients position. You will find our fees reasonable and competitive, our advice honest and our advocacy steadfast and goal oriented.

We take seriously our role as professionals and as officers of the court. We pride ourselves on achieving a high level of advocacy for our clients while maintaining the proper degree of respect for other members of our profession and the institutions of our legal system.